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Related article: The following is based upon a recent adventure of the author. It is intended for the reading pleasure of adults interested in dirty male/male sex. It is neither politically correct, nor intended for minors.Comments to jocksnifferhotmail.com ADULT-THEATER RAUNCH It's 11 a.m. You've got the day off. You don't want to do anything sensible - like the laundry. You're feeling real horny, sporting an almost continuous rock-hard boner. And all you can think about is sweaty male crotch and butt.So, what's a spunk-driven 22 year-old guy to do?Well, if you're me, you head to one of the downtown, all-male "adult theaters". They're all located in the somewhat crime-ridden Tenderloin area of town. But, at this time of day, there shouldn't be any problem.So, here I am. My eyes have adjusted to the dark. And I'm sitting at the end of one of the middle rows, right next to the central aisle. There's a whole parade of guys passing by all the time, cruising for some action. They're mostly pretty old, and I'm just not interested. But, I don't mind them checking me out. The film's pretty hot. Set in a prison, there's a lot of male rape taking place, and I'm loving every minute. I especially get into the forced sucking of hairy male butt.I'm actually pretty shy, and I certainly don't consider myself an exhibitionist. But, here, in this sleazy joint, where sex is the only thing on guys' minds, I feel free to let it all hang out. Lolita Dress My pants and briefs are down at my knees. And I'm fondling my super-hard boner, rubbing the tip to smear precum over the head. The index finger of my left hand is playing with my butthole, which is a tad dirty from a great crap I had a couple hours ago.It's easy to read the lust in these guys' Lolita Dress eyes as they pass by and ogle me playing with myself. But, I'm signaling that I'm unavailable. The message I'm transmitting is unmistakable: Look, if you want, but don't even think of touching.Don't get me wrong. I do want to get down and dirty. But, I want to do it with the right guy. And he just hasn't come along yet.In this place, you have to be patient. That's the price for being choosy and restricting yourself to college-aged, masculine studs.But, my patience is usually rewarded. It truly amazes me that it's possible to connect with prime beef in these places, but it is very rare that I don't. The studs I mess around with usually perceive themselves as "straight" and are convinced they're here just to get their rocks off. Okay, they might fess up to being curious about guy/guy sex. And they've often got a few other things going on in their heads, like a need to humiliate others. But, unsentimental sex is their prime motivation. And that, by the way, means no kissing!I am completely into guys like that. I find myself totally transfixed by the raw, dominant sexual energy they emit. That is what I'm looking for right now. And I won't settle for less.I pull my pants up, and head for the back room. There's another all-male porno film playing on a large TV. Three guys are sitting on the bench opposite the TV. The two older guys are fondling themselves through their pants while the younger guy has got his dick out and is casually jerking himself, with the other two watching him. The young dude looks straight into my eyes, inviting me to join him. But, I pass up the opportunity. He's kinda hot, but a bit "too gay" for my tastes.I return to my seat in the theatre, and get back to some serious dick stroking.A clone-type gay guy wanders up from the front and takes a seat on the other side of the aisle, two rows in front of me. He's situated himself three seats in from the aisle, thereby signaling availability. In Lolita Dress my opinion, he's nothing remarkable. So, with his presence noted, I turn my attention back to the action on the screen.But then events take a turn for the better. This straight-looking, hunk-of-a-dude takes a seat near the clone. He's got dirty-blond hair, a cute face, and is wearing denims and sneakers. He's very definitely athletic. I'd put him at about twenty years old and very hungry for action.He stretches his legs out and his right foot spreads into the aisle. He stares at the screen. The clone-guy can't believe his luck and gets up to sit next to this stud. It's very difficult to see what's happening. I'm pretty sure the Lolita Dress clone is fondling the stud's crotch. And then I see the clone's arm going up and down. Obviously, the stud's cock must be out of his pants and the clone must be jacking him off.Another guy moves in to get closer to the action. He sits behind the stud and peers over, taking in the sight of this stud being fondled.But, the stud looks less-than-interested, continually looking around. Several times, his gaze passes in my direction and lingers, communicating interest. I ponder a while, trying to figure out how I can get this guy all to myself.Meanwhile, the clone has become a little more adventurous and has leaned his face into the stud's lap. The stud places his hand on the back of the clone's head and encourages what must be a sucking motion. The stud, however, continues to stare in my direction, with increasing intensity.I decide to make my move. I definitely want in on this action.I move two rows forward and sit directly opposite him on the other side of the aisle. Both of us have our pants and briefs down at our knees. Both of us have rock-hard cocks. The clone is still sucking him off.He looks across at me again and fixes his stare right into my eyes. I nod, and he gently raises the clone's head signaling that his action with him is over. The clone throws daggers at me with his eyes. I shrug back at him slightly, wordlessly expressing the age-old sentiment: That's life!The stud pulls his pants up, crosses the aisle, and signals to me with his head that I should move with him to the end of the row, away from the traffic of the aisle. I dutifully follow his instruction and get up and follow him.He sits right at the end of the row and just as I'm about to sit next to him, he grabs my shoulders and pushes me down on the floor. He's clearly in charge and I follow his unspoken order to kneel down with my face in his crotch. This guy knows exactly what he wants and, frankly, I'm gonna be more than happy to give it to him.I nuzzle my face in his groin. No detergent smell here. This guy obviously doesn't spend all his time laundering his denims to keep them Lolita Dress in pristine condition. These jeans are very-well worn and smell completely natural. With my face surrounded with genuine stud crotch, I'm in heaven.His boner is tenting up his jeans and I'm really getting off rubbing my nose up and down his length, inhaling the mild crotch odor. Even with his jeans on, I pick up some faint dirty-jockstrap smells. There's just the slightest hint of stale piss and a very-definite whiff of nicely-aged crotch sweat - you know, that rich, funky smell that guys develop behind their balls . He squeezes his muscular legs together and I'm engulfed by the sensation of wallowing in pure, raw maleness.I raise my hands to try and unzip his fly. But, he pushes them away. Instead, he slides down in his seat and raises his feet to the back of the seat in front. My face is directly opposite his denim-clad butt. Without hesitation, I press forward and wiggle my nose up and down the crease of his ass. Oh wow, his butt probably ain't too clean either. It's so slight that I can't be sure, but I think I detect a hint of shit-stink. My instincts tell me that he's got a less-than-clean butthole just aching for some good, deep rimming action. My cock almost explodes at the thought and I have to stop jacking away in order to avoid coming. My obvious enthusiasm leaves the stud with no doubt as to my strong interest in his butt.All I can think right now is that I want this stud's jeans and briefs off and out of the way. I need to suck skin and breathe in this stud's rich manfunk, unhampered by his clothes.But, this guy's got other ideas. With me kneeling before him, and his legs in the air, I look up at him, silently begging him to let me go further. He smirks ever so slightly and reaches over to untie his right sneaker. He takes the sneaker off and I'm immediately overwhelmed by rancid foot odor. It's far worse than anything you ever smell in a locker room and I feel my stomach turn. I feel sure that I'm gonna bring up my breakfast. He sees my reaction, but proceeds anyway.He grabs his sneaker and places the foot opening directly over my nose. He gives me the unspoken command to deeply inhale his foul foot odor. I give in and submit to his will. Deep down, I know that this form of domination is what I really want anyway. So, why not yield to my passions?And with that realization, my whole mindset changes. I grab his sneaker and start kissing and sucking the sweaty slime out of the insole. It is completely gross, but the experience feels completely right. Once again, he gives a hint of a smirk as he sees me literally groveling on my knees, displaying a pounding hardon that I guarantee would make any man proud. I still can't touch myself for fear of coming too soon.He takes the sneaker away, raises his gym-socked foot to my face, and presses down. I'm forced flat on my back on the floor while he rubs his stinking, sweaty foot all over my face. Each time his foot passes over my mouth, I attempt to suck it in. The rotten stench is overwhelming, but I'm in hog heaven. And he knows it.With my face now completely drenched in his stinking foot sweat, he places his foot under my chin and, by pressuring upwards, signals to me that I should resume my kneeling position . And, then -- finally! -- he takes off his denims and briefs. But, he's not done toying with me yet.Keeping my face back from his crotch, he places his dirty, smelly briefs over my head. I'm effectively blindfolded, and completely in his control. And all I can smell is ripe, stinking crotch sweat and stale piss. I start sucking furiously. This is truly nirvana. He squeezes my nose through his briefs and thrusts his foul personal stink into my nostrils.And then he turns his briefs around and pushes the ass area into my nostrils. The buttstink emanating from his skidmarks is surreal. Rich and smooth jockshit smells. The cotton is still warm from being nestled in his butt. The whole raunchy setting, and my debasement at the hands of this unwashed, athletic, young stud, is the essence of so many of my jackoff fantasies. And the reality is truly fucking sublime. I suck for dear life, panting loudly and uncontrollably, frantically extracting the ass-juices of this stud from his soiled underwear.And then, in a flash, the briefs are gone, and he roughly pushes my face into his naked crotch. He's jacking himself as he forces my mouth onto his sweaty, hairy balls. The stink is far-fuckin-out. And I delight in getting his ball-hair in my teeth as I suck on each of his balls in turn. I want to suck his dick and he knows it. But, he doesn't let me. Instead he raises his legs once again and forces my face into his stinking, hairy butt, while he keeps jacking away.I need no further encouragement as I dive right in, reveling in the putrid odor of this stud's butthole. Immersed in the stench of his jock waste, I tongue-fuck him with abandon, sucking him clean of all the shit slime around his hole.I taste what I'm sure is a piece of toilet paper matted in his asshair, and I become mentally consumed by the fantasy of being his toilet. My face is floating in the toilet bowl, looking up, while he's taking a crap. Two furry, muscular mounds of prime male butt, spread apart. Dark asshairs grow peacefully in the divide, proliferating towards his anus. Two hairy balls hang low, partially concealing his dick which squirts piss from time to time as the stud unloads from both sides. My face is surrounded by his turds, floating in a sea of piss. The stench is totally intoxicating. I could live the rest of my life as his toilet and have no complaints. And then the contractions of his sphincter begin, and another turd is born. This is my dream life. And, in that life, my existence has no meaning beyond reaching my gaping mouth up to hungrily devour stinking turds as they emerge from this virile jock's hairy hole.The fantasies of my short lifetime come together as I act out being a dirty pig-slave to this stud. I want nothing more. The energy and excitement become too much as - completely unaided - I shoot torrents of cum out of my cock. The stud grunts loudly as he lets go of his spunkload. Slimy gobs of his jock jism fly everywhere. I collapse between his legs, my nose falling into his cum-drenched pubic hair.For a while, neither of us move. We're both too exhausted by the intensity of the moment. In a dream, I lazily suck the cum out his pubic hair while he gently squirms, obviously very satisfied with our encounter.We're close to the end of this adventure, and we both know it. I look up at him and he stares back. There's a deep sense of satisfaction in our eyes. Two boisterous animals relieved of all tension. With our stares locked upon each other, he reaches his hand down behind his butt and stinks his index finger up his hole. He wiggles it around for a while, and then withdraws it, only to immediately thrust it under my nose and then in my mouth. I suck the sticky shit mucus from his finger. I know my place, and he knows his. Then he dresses, and without another look in my direction, leaves. Not a word has been spoken during our whole encounter.I wait a couple more moments, and then I too get myself ready to leave. Mission accomplished.I emerge into the mid-afternoon sun. Even in the fresh air, all I can smell is his shit, cum and festering foot odor. The smells are impregnated all over my face, but especially around my lips. I smell my fingers and they're still fresh with his shitstink.I smile as I realize that the instant I get home, I will relive this encounter one more time, while I can still vividly taste and smell this stud. My cock hardens at the thought. And I make my way to the bus, dreamily thanking the spirits for such an awesome experience. Life really is fun.
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